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  • Weekly Digest, October 22
    Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. Announcement…
    Vincent Granville
  • Embracing Conflict to Fuel Digital Innovation
    When talking to clients about their business goals, most business executives are pretty clear as to what they want to accomplish, such as reducing customer churn or reducing inventory costs or improving quality of care or improving product line profitability.  But these “one dimensional” business initiatives really don’t push the organization’s innovative thinking.  For example, […]
    Bill Schmarzo
  • How to Write an R Function to Match and Merge 2 Files (like VLOOKUP)
    Matching and merging 2 files is task I find myself doing all of the time. Historically, I've used VLOOKUP in MS Excel and just worked around any limitations. Finally, I bit the bullet and wrote an R Function that does the trick faster, and with more flexibility. …
    Ray Hall
  • R vs Python: Usability, Popularity, Pros & Cons, Jobs, and Salaries
    This article was written by Tanmoy Ray If you are a senior data scientist or pro in predictive analytics, you would probably be using both R & Python, and maybe other tools like SAS, SQL etc. But, what if you are a beginner or just thinking about to start a career in data science, machine learning, […]
    Andrea Manero-Bastin
  • The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise
    Depending on what news headline you have read, you may have perceived an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system as either an Alexa or Siri assistant that understands all your commands, a deep learning system that can recognize dog or a cat from image, a system that recommends personalized medicine, or an intelligent, overpowering machine that can […]
    Vimal N Suba

It’s going to go VIRAL!

The hard work is done, you just launched on Apple and Android, wait! It’s awesome if your app goes viral, you are one of the lucky ones, but more often it needs a kick from a community sales force. Introducing the BeagleForce, we will sniff out new markets and hunt down users for your app, based on your goals and budget.

Why BeagleForce?

Beth and Jeana joined forces at Juice in the City in 2010, an Internet Media startup similar to Groupon model, we focused on local deals for local moms. Jeana was one of Beth’s first hires in her role as VP of Sales, Jeana quickly proved to be a strong player and was promoted to Regional Sales Manager as the company scaled.  Two entrepreneurs together that are top sales, managers, moms and more can make many things happen. They perfected a system of recruiting, training and managing a part-time commission sales force. Proving their sticktuitiveness leading a successful pivot of JITC to MyTownPerks, a merchant loyalty program, JITC tech assets were sold to RetailMeNot. In the time that followed, Beth resumed a career in technology and stayed in touch with Jeana. From the stellar reputation of building the momforce at JITC, our network referred us to other startup founders, and either together or individually we have experience promoting new startups such as the ones featured below.