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  • The Next Big Thing in Data Science is …. Biology
    Summary: Computational Synthetic Biology (CSB) is likely to be both the next big thing and perhaps most important field to exploit data science.  As the name implies, this lies at the intersection of data science and biological research.  Big advancements and big investments are already starting to occur here.  Data scientists with deep learning skills […]
    William Vorhies
  • AutoEncoders and Parallel Computing with KernelML
    AutoEncoders and Parallel Computing with KernelML The goal of this experiment was to find potential use cases where kernelml provides some benefit over existing packages, such as Keras or PyTorch, for building neural networks. One use case that seems to have potential is auto-encoding. An autoencoder can be used to construct latent variables from data. We […]
    Rohan Kotwani
  • Weekly Digest, June 18
    Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. Announcements In a live webinar on June 21 at 2PM CT, watch Anaconda Data Scientist Tom Augspurger demonstrate how dask enables analysis of large datasets in parallel, using […]
    Vincent Granville
  • New Book: Mastering Machine Learning Algorithms
    The book "Mastering Machine Learning Algorithms" has been published by Packt  From the back cover: Machine learning is a subset of AI that aims to make modern-day computer systems smarter and more…
    Giuseppe Bonaccorso
  • Blockchain And IoT: A Perfect Match?
    This article was published by Andre De Castro on Blockgeeks. Andre is the CEO & Co-Founder of Blockchain of Things, Inc.  Blockchain has become a media buzz due to its unique and powerful qualities. While a lot of excitement exists for its use in both financial and identity applications, a new and more exciting area for this […]
    Emmanuelle Rieuf