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  • Intro to Data Science for Managers [Mindmap]
    Data science has become an integral part of many modern projects and businesses, with an increasing number of decisions now based on data analysis. The data science industry is experiencing an acute …
    Igor Bobriakov
  • 29 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English - Part 3
    This resource is part of a series on specific topics related to data science: regression, clustering, neural networks, deep learning, decision trees, ensembles, correlation, Python, R, Tensorflow, SVM, data reduction, feature selection, experimental design, cross-validation, model fitting, and many more. To keep receiving these articles, sign up on…
    Vincent Granville
  • The Key to Unlock Digital Transformation
    Digital Transformation is exploiting digital technologies and data to enhance the firm’s business model. Unfortunately, a Forbes study says that 84% of the Digital Transformation initiatives fail. There are many reasons for this and one important reason is tied to the way businesses inherently operate. Basically, businesses exist to earn profits and driving profits or […]
    Prashanth Southekal, PhD
  • 10 signs you might be ready to let your inner data scientist out.
    1) You can picture yourself being introduced as a data scientist without blushing. Data science is more than a career, it is a lifestyle that requires committing to be a lifelong learner with all the trade-offs that entails. If the idea of "data science" seems over hyped and hokey then you most likely will not […]
    Phil Hummel
  • Weekly Digest, November 12
    Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. Announcements Jump-start your career as a data scientist, data engineer, or analytics manager in…
    Vincent Granville

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A Career Strategy for Data Science

Candid Advice from Paco Nathan, Data Scientist and O’Reilly Author

How to become a data scientist, by Vish Puttagunta, Sr. Data Scientist at AT&T



Paco Nathan is Director, O’Reilly Learning. Known as a “player/coach” data scientist, he has led innovative Data teams building large-scale apps for several years. As a recognized expert in distributed systems, machine learning, and Enterprise data workflows, Paco is an advisor for Amplify Partners and Galvanize. He has 30+ years technology industry experience ranging from Bell Labs to early-stage start-ups. Newsletter and “official” web site:

Data Science Salaries

Excerpt from “O’Reilly Media has been conducting an annual survey for data professionals, asking questions primarily about tools, tasks, and salary — and we are now releasing the third installment of the associated report, the 2015 Data Science Salary Survey. The 2015 edition features a completely new graphic design of the report and our findings. In addition to estimating salary differences based on demographics and tool usage, we have given a more detailed look at tasks — how data professionals spend their workdays — and titles.”

And, here’s the 2016 Data Science Salary Survey.

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