Data Scientist Interviews

What data scientist’s do all day at work

Ram Narasimhan of GE talks about the importance of curiosity and what makes his day

“What I do as a Data Scientist” Dan Mallinger

Excerpt from Data Scientist Interviews “I’m a data scientist with degrees in mathematical sciences and organizational psychology; I also have significant academic training in computer science and sociology. I’ve spent my career in statistics, analytics, and technology roles but almost entirely under business groups, which has framed much of my professional outlook. Today, I am the Director of Data Science for Think Big and have been with the company for four years.”

Interview: Michael Brodie – We Can’t Rely on Machines

Excerpt from Data Scientist Interviews “So yes, there is a lot of hype?But I actually think it is far more profound and powerful than most people are conceiving it at the moment. It has already changed a very large number of operating processes in health care, manufacturing, marketing and stock markets. How-ever, it is not as widely used as one might think. Big Data and Big Data Analytics are in their infancy with respect to operational deployment and our understanding of it.”

Crushed it! Landing a data science job by Erin Shellman

“Data science interviews are the worst because data science is interdisciplinary: code for “you have to know everything about all the disciplines.”  Depending on the company and the team, your interview might look like a software developer’s interview, or it might look a like a statistician’s interview, and the bad news is that virtually none of the material overlaps.  I recently spent a ton of time studying for interviews and I’ve got some hot tips to pass along if you’re thinking about a move soon.”


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