Corporate Sponsorship

Divergence Academy – Data Science Immersive Program

Towards the end of every quarter along with Divergence Academy, we host an invitational data science talent competition. We invite recent graduates from Master’s level programs, twenty something talent early in data analytics and consulting careers, technical and data analytics talent in career transition, and even liberal arts graduates who have learned computer programming on their own or to gain entry level work. At minimum we recruit a pool of 20 participants that would be willing to participate in a 12 week data science immersive program. And, we select 8 to be sponsored with a full scholarship provided. Optional: sponsor a candidate that you choose.

Benefits to our Corporate Sponsors:

Invitation to Student Networking events

Personal Introductions to any you may be interested to hire

Optional Mentor Day, you can invite them to your workplace for a day

If you choose not to hire one of our students, we will provide access to our data science network for an additional 3 months to assist you in hiring a candidate for a reduced contingency fee of 10%

Cost to Sponsor:


Student receives a NEW MacBook Pro, your company is acknowledged as a sponsor

Student receives full tuition ride, $13,300

Corporate Sponsorships are limited to two per company per cohort